Moor Manage aims to challenge the conventions of traditional construction by delivering integrated, client-centric projects to high standards.  We understand the power of collaboration and appreciate what can be achieved when all stakeholders set out to meet and surpass the expectations, not just manage them.  We offer a unique approach to Construction Management that has a proven track record of attaining great results which puts the Client at the heart of every project.


We thrive on offering a friendly, refreshing and unique approach to Construction Management.  There are huge advantages in selecting Construction Management over traditional procurement. The main advantages are that it is cheaper, quicker, highly flexible and offer the Client control that traditionally procured contracts do not allow.

This table highlights the differing level of involvement offered by traditional construction delivery and the approach we take at Moor Manage:

At Moor Manage, we work in collaboration with the Client team and our services cover:

  • Assistance with any development appraisal – saving time and money
  • Planning - review viability and assist with submission
  • Involvement from planning submission to pre-construction works, market test, programme and ability to refine the scheme proposals
  • Pre-construction works - market test cost plan, expand the programme, procure and prepare for enabling and early works
  • Construction works - manage the procurement, administration of trades employed by the Client
  • Post construction works

Construction Management offers the reassurance that high quality and consistently impeccable standards will never be compromised.

Construction Management puts our Clients firmly in control and is a proven construction delivery method.