Olympic Stadium

In 2015 Moor Manage supported Sapa Aluminium Profiles (now Hydro extruded solutions) to complete their Contract to install a £16 Million transformation of the lower tier relocatable seating system within the Olympic Stadium.

The project works were complex and required the Moor Mange to provide the provision of operational, commercial, design management and contractual services. Moor Manage assisted Sapa and their legal team in the preparation of a project execution plan to complete the design, procure and deliver the seating initially in Concert mode, then in Athletics mode and handover in preparedness for Pitch mode which was undertaken by the Client’s operations team. Moor Manage were engaged when Sapa’s joint venture partner, who were undertaking the design and installation of the system went into administration. This was a material risk and challenge for Sapa, which Moor Manage met.

Within a short time, Moor Manage assisted Sapa in devising a costed strategy to complete their Contracted works, set out and negotiate a commercial settlement with their Client and manage the completion of the design and installation of the works which included undertaking two major variations (widened walkways and Concert mode). Moor in conclusion of the project works assisted Sapa in the administration and settlement of multiple trade and supplier accounts, production of key information for inclusion within the operating and maintenance manual and successfully executing an insurance claim. This Project was only possible because Moor Manage offered high quality resources and working at one with the Client and Client team.

“We are an international manufacturer and provider of aluminum extrusions and aluminum systems. Due to outside influences in connection with a high profile and multi issue project, we required major project construction and contract advice; this in addition to programme, commercial and operational support. The team at Moor were a major factor in my Company concluding the project efficiently and without material interruption to our day to day operations. The service provided was excellent, prompt and reflective of the years of experience the team at Moor have within the industry. Moor’s Client focus, quick understanding of the issues, preparation and delivery of the agreed strategy, in my opinion is outstanding and second to none.”

Yann Beck, Sapa